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a lost art...

There is absolutely nothing like a vintage linen piece.  Remarkable features and often handwork such as embroidery, hem stitching, crochet and lacework, there are years of stories in those stitches.  Generations of crafters passed down the incredible art of needlework and stitching.  There are amazing treasures from days gone by to be found, from a time when exquisite handmade details overshadowed mass production.

I am always on the hunt for beautiful vintage linen pieces.  Like a moth to a flame.  Many times they are found stained, damaged, or torn.  Despite this, the hours put into their creation at the hands of someone who cared are not lost on me.

The Linen Rabbit Heirloom Vintage is a place where everything old is new again.  Beautiful linens are collected, cleaned, and restored or repurposed to renew the life and beauty of these often one-of-a-kind pieces.  Everything that can be salvaged is salvaged, and everything that can't is repurposed into a new linen piece.  Maybe it was an old tattered tablecloth, with a few too many holes in the middle.  It is now a beautiful accent pillow where the incredible hand embroidered details can still be showcased for many more years to come.  

Available in the shop, The Linen Rabbit Heirloom Vintage Collection features unique pieces that will add timeless charm to any home.  Items include information on where they were found, the condition they were found in, and any alterations that were made to their original state.  Passing on the history is an important part of honoring these amazing linens.  The collection will constantly be growing and renewing, visit back often to see what is to speak.


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