Home is where one starts from. (T.S. Eliot)


The Linen Rabbit offers handcrafted home goods and vintage finds that are purposeful and simplistic. 

I'm Tori.  I love my beautiful husband and daughter, and the full life we share.  We laugh, a lot.  We eat well.  We take care of each other.  And our story takes place in a new build that is a nod to a more primitive time gone by.  We have a serious love of early American homes.


Creating our old home inside newly constructed walls was a journey, a great one.  We fill our rooms with family heirlooms, repurposed antiques, and plenty of new items carefully selected with function in mind.  And if we can’t find something, we make it.  “Character”, as it turns out, doesn’t have to be defined by age.  We discovered that the everyday objects we invite into our homes become a part of our family story.  That favorite tattered linen apron with flour in the seams or the oversized stoneware platter that only comes out at Thanksgiving, those things act as archives, shape traditions, and create family memories.  Those treasures are what The Linen Rabbit is all about.

Thanks for visiting.  We hope you will both find and share inspiration, and discover simple home goods worthy of your family story.